Double IPA


Looking at making around 22L

My first Double IPA this will have a heavy hop hit (high IBU), strong ABV, and a dark colour to it.


4.5kg Maris Otter
1Kg Crystal 20L (carared)
500g Crystal 60L
1.5kg Coopers Light Malt Extract


25g Magnum @ 60m
25g Cascade @ 20m
50g Cascade @ 15m
35g Cascade @ 5m
55g Citra @ 7 days


Wyeast 1056


1 Tablespoon of 5.2 Stabiliser
1/2 Irish Moss Tablet


Aiming at a 22L Brew
6Kg grain = 6L loss = 28L
8% loss per 1hr boil = 1.6L = 29.6L
General loss due etc… making it 30L total starting water
There will be an additional 1.5 L added for the Light Malt Extract

Heated up 30L water to strike temp 68*C
Weighed Grains and Hops

@14:15 at 69*C threw in grains

  • 4.5kg Maris Otter
  • 1Kg Crystal 20L (CaraRed)
  • 500g Crystal 60L

Also threw in a little over a table spoon of 5.2 Stabiliser
Stir well to ensure there’s no dough balls

@14:20 temp at at 66*C begin mash time (1 hour)

@14:45 noticed temp had dropped to 64*C, pumped up temp to 67*C

@15:15 final stir

@15:20 stopped mash (temp 66*C)
Took out grain bag, drained and was left with 27L
Added 1.5L Coopers Light Malt Extract Can
Up to 28.5L
BRIX 16% 1.062SG
Turned on to boil

@15:53 At boil and added first hop

@16:33 Added Cascade 25G

@16:38 Added Cascade 50G

@16:48 Added Cascade 35G & 1/2 Irish Moss tablet

@16:53 off boil – pulled hop bags out total 26L
Put 23L hot wort into cube for slow chill
Gathered 3L hot wort for yeast starter


23L added to cube for cooling
3L to create a yeast starter
BRIX 17.6% OG 1.067

Simple Ginger Beer Recipe


To make 20 Litres of ginger beer, aiming roughly at 4.5% ABV. All of these ingredients can be found in pretty much any supermarket.


Put 5L water into a pot and set to a boil

Add the 4x 250g Fresh Crushed Ginger Jars to the water and stir well

Zest the lemons and throw them into the boil. Then juice the lemons, and throw the juice in also

Add the 2Kg of raw sugar and stir until the sugar has broken down

Boil the mixture for 15 – 20 minutes.

Pour the 5L mixture into a 30L fermenter, then pour the Buderim Ginger Cordial into the mix.

Pour cold water into the mixture until the 20L mark – aim to get it to a temperature between 15 – 20°C

Measure the OG of the brew

Rehydrate the yeast and pitch

Chop the chillies, sterilise them and a dry hop bag, add the chillies to the bag, then throw them into the fermenter.


Completed brew 2014.10.25 @14:00

Measured OG: 1050

Pitching Temp: 18°C